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Welcome to Glasgow comedy

Glasgow has a thriving comedy Festival, it is also called Magners comedy Festival there is an opportunity for comedians and artists hone skills and satire to the Glasgow audience the festival starts around March and tickets can be bought from some of the major venues.

The Stand Comedy Club based in Woodland Road in Glasgow was established in 1995 the club is based in the cellars of an old school and is a great location to see stand-up comedians and raw recruits in a beginners showcase.

Jongleurs in Glasgow was located at 20 Glassford Street here you will find the School of comedy, also a great night out with top-class comedians lasting for two hours the basic package starts around £15 you can book your tickets from the jongleurs main website.

Over the years Glasgow International comedy Festival has attracted some of the best stand-up comedians from all over the world, the event is now one of the main comedy festivals in Europe, some of the comedians include Doug Stanhope, Dara O Brian, Jerry Sadowitz, Rory Bremner,  Frankie Boyle, and many many others the main website is Glasgow comedy Festival.



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